Monday, July 16, 2012

The heatwave continues

Well, the temps are finally cooling off (If, by cooling off, you mean down to 94 from 107) and I am back to riding.  A major car accident and dealing with useless insurance companies also kept me out of the saddle.

One of the things I like about Annie (there are many) is that she's the same horse after a few weeks off as she is after a day off.  Her version of "fresh" is trotting a little quick.  She doesn't get spooky.  Despite the temps she's willing to motor along in her new mantra of "forward is better."

Today I kept it simple since I had to go pick up my car from my mechanic, 15 minutes of walk, trot, and canter work. 

I touched some on our "long and low" work otherwise known as "Annie goes like a hunter."  She's really gotten the idea of it and she really likes to work out towrd the end of the reins while staying on the bit.  The use of her back and the quality of her trot work have improved by a huge amount.  She's not as good to the right, and she will come up if she wants to look at something but I'm getting long periods of good quality work.  We can canter long and low but it gets more into the hand gallop range and less into the canter range. 

I've been working some without my stirrups at the beginning of each ride, eventually I might work up the nerve to canter her without them.  She's got a big canter for such a little beast and it makes me a bit nervous.  I'd also like to ride her bareback.  Maybe. 

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