Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spastic week, good results

This week hasn't really been that crazy (compared to last week) or stressful (compared to next week at work) but I seem to be a bit spastic anyway.  Who knows what I'll do next week. 

On Tuesday (Too Damn Hot To Ride on Monday) I left my boots and half chaps at home, I was determined to ride so I got on in sneakers and breeches and did most of my work sans stirrups (ouchy pinchy ouchy).

Wednesday was another TDHTR day so I lounged at home and thought about riding.

Before leaving for the barn today I made sure I had my boots and half chaps in my trusty bag, but I didn't bother adding breeches (I blame the bag, bad bag) so I rode in shorts, paddock boots, and half chaps.  Let me tell you that is both a fashionable and a stylish way to ride.  So I spent the entire time in my dressage saddle (cursed thing) without stirrups.

I think the no stirrups work in my jumping saddle has started to pay off as I didn't feel as discombobulated without them in my dressage saddle.  I felt Sooooo confident in fact that I had a little canter without them.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, although the downward transition without them on a green pony/horse was a bit jouncy.  I'd like to continue that work to help make me a stronger and braver rider in the future.

Eventually, at some point, I'll have money in the bank AND time for a lesson again.  I'm looking forward to having Rachel come out (more on her later) and travelling up to my favorite eventing barn Come Again Farms (more on that later).

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