Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Grid

Here we are jumping the grid.  This is after 3 of the jumps went up slowly from just poles to actual fences.  I found this grid difficult because it was set for a good forward even pace so if you came in too slow or got crooked it rode really bad.  Annie's a good deal smaller then the other horses jumping it so it was extra important that we come in forward enough.  The first time through  I not only didn't go in forward, but didn't maintain, and eventually got crooked and had a run out.  I'm supposed to be counting out loud here, and you can hear me counting through a bit of it.  I have a really difficult time processing a bunch of things at once so counting out loud was hard for me to do. 

The second time in we were asked to canter in which made it ride much much more smoothly.  You can see how it makes the grid like simple instead of a struggle. 


  1. What a great video! I like your coaches passion! ATTACK!!

  2. Thanks! I'm realy learning how much of a difference riding forward and having a plan is with this instructor! She's fantastic about pushing you without overwhelming you and I'm learning a ton.


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