Saturday, September 15, 2012

Matchy Matchy heaven

I have the same feelings about horse apparel as I do about people apparel.  I LOVE having nice things that look fantastic, but I'm a terrible shopper.  Usually when I'm out shopping for clothing I run out screaming but occasionally I persevere and I get great fashion pieces for making outfits (Thank you What Not To Wear).  I was recently introduced to a website called Horze, which is a Finnish company that is recently available in the US (and shipped from the US).  They are mostly jumper and dressage oriented but have a HUGE collection of matchy matchy saddle pads and clothing, as well as a line of tack and stable supplies. 

Matchy Matchy Heaven

When I did some googling it seems like it's a well kept secret with people loyally purchasing from them for several years with satisfied results. 

Best of all they are known for having huge sales and currently have a code for %50 off everything.  Yes, everything. 

So I've been busy for the last two days adding things to my cart and removing them.  Do I really need a nicer pair of open fronts?  If I do, what color?  They have like 20 different choices.  What about saddle pads?  Do I really need yet another saddle pad?  At what number do I have to admit to having a problem?  Dressage or jumping?  What color?  What piping?  What design? 

How about purple checked breeches? 

How about that dressage bridle I've been thinking about buying?  I don't really NEED a bridle, the one I have holds the bit on just fine, but the leather isn't super quality and it buckles all the way up instead of in the middle. 

What about a grooming tote?  Fleece dress sheet?


Or maybe I don't spend anything and save my money.  Pffftttttt.


  1. Ugh, I have to force myself not to even open their website. Too. Much. Awesomeness.

  2. I have not actually ordered anything because I can't narrow it down! I keep putting things in my cart and taking them out.


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