Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Figure 8 no go

This is Annie playing Hide and Don't Seek ME.  I'm not quite sure she understands the game all the way. 

Last night's ride I had a very fresh Annie who is still adjusting to the cooler temperatures.  We did lots and lots of hand galloping in my dressage saddle trying to work on our canter transitions for our next dressage test.  Annie is quite sure that there is ZERO way a horse can make a trot canter transition without using its head and neck for leverage.  I've been getting all sorts of pretzeling, angry faces, and bucking when I insist on keeping contact into the canter.  She has a very obedient hot off the leg transition, and will go right on the bit as soon as she takes it, but we have a missing piece I'm working hard at getting and she's working hard at not getting. 

I also discovered that she can't stand the figure 8 bridle I had her in.  I'm not sure if it puts pressure on her nose, if she doesn't like having her mouth strapped shut (she keeps it shut on her own so I have no idea), or what.  I ended up getting off her, removing the noseband, and riding her without.  POOF instant on the bit.  I think I might mess with it again after the show and see if I can figure out why she doesn't like it, it's a shame to not use a nice bridle.  I'd like to show her hunters in a D ring just to fit in a bit more so I'll see if she has the same reaction to a bit change. 

I finally have a jumping lesson on Wednesday which I'm looking forward to! 

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