Friday, October 5, 2012

Meh ride

I was saving this space for a summary of my latest lesson, but I was unable to get either an away lesson at CAF or a home lesson with Rachel.  So this is a photo of Annie trying out my figure 8 bridle.  Notice that she does not look pleased.  She was kept in all day and was grumpy, although if she were outside in the cold temps and pouring rain I'm sure she'd complain about that too.  Sheesh. 

So I turned her out in the arena to stretch her legs while I did stalls and so she could get some of her kicks out after being in all day and maybe get used to the rain on the roof.  I'm not sure why rain over your stall is ok, but rain over the arena roof is NOT OK. 

Don't get me wrong, she's not a bolter like Nikki (ahhhh, those were the days), she might get a little jumpy and spook in place a bit but that's it.  Her problem is that she doesn't want to put her head down on the bit, or go on the right rein.  All ears must be on the spooky door, and any monsters that might drop off the roof.  She'll trot around fine but she certainly doesn't look like she enjoys what she's doing and there isn't any soft to be found unless I brought a pillow into the arena. 

These are what I call "meh" rides.  Every now and then your horse is going to have an off day and he is going to be all "meh" about being ridden.  Not bad, just not good.  I don't necessarily think of this as a schooling opportunity although maybe that's not the right idea.  I think of it as a get it done and as long as it doesn't  happen often no big.  I never get really good rides out of anyone after they've been in all day, especially if it's raining hard while I'm riding.  I really probably wouldn't bother to ride at all on those days, and sometimes don't.  Tonight I used it as a "I'm going to ride you even if you don't like it" learning opportunity.  So I'm looking forward to a jumping lesson next week, I'm not a big jumping without instruction person and it would be awful nice to get a lesson before my next horse show.  Tonight, meh.

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