Monday, October 15, 2012

Octoberfest day two

Octoberfest day two was the hunter show, I had a hard time making up my mind about doing hunters or jumpers but after seeing the jumper ring boy was I glad I brought my fancy coat!

The two foot jumper course was between 2 feet and 2' 6" with a triple one stride one stride and then another one stride.  None of the jumper people complained so I guess this was normal. 

Got out to the hunter ring early enough to school around some, Annie did great. 

Our first round was UGLY.  Annie was distracted, spooky, and gawky.  The arena drag in the arena next to us and the 50mph winds didn't help.  We squiggled, we spooked, we stopped, and we got rung out. 

I did 3 more rounds, each improving, and each a learning experience.

I am just not very good at riding my fences AND paying attention to Annie.  I get motoring toward a fence and I'm not really looking at Annie to see if she's distracted or if she's straight enough.  Then I'm not fast enough to make a correction. 

So I need more work on riding straight down lines, it's harder then it looks.  Much harder.

I need to be a more active rider paying attention to my horse and not just looking at my fence. 

I'm a big chicken and that hasn't changed. 

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  1. The video looks good! The fence she refused, looks like you were staying positive and focused - she just decided not to take it the first time. Good for you for getting in there and giving it your best! That wind sounded wicked.


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