Sunday, December 2, 2012

Local Tack Maker

I'd like to take a moment here to diverge from my usual horsey blather to recommend a local tack maker for all of your leather needs, especially if you're looking for something from him for the holidays.

Gary Mundy located in Mitchell Indiana is a one man tack making shop that provides quality merchandise to people literally around the world.  I purchased a pair of stirrup leathers from him in a custom size several years ago that are lovely quality and even include my initials on the ends. 

Here's a picture of his leathers, not mine but an excellent example

He's quite famous on the COTH bb, and if you look up his name there you'll see that he has a huge following and is quite popular.

Here is a link to his very basic website, email him for his complete price list.  Keep in mind that he answers all his own emails and makes everything by himself to order.  I got my leathers in a week but if he has several orders in sometimes it takes a bit longer.

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