Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Blankie

During my dressage lesson Nancy suggested seeing if Annie would be less grumpy with a thicker blanket, she felt that some horses were less tense in the winter when blanketed.  I've just kept a sheet on Annie since she's hardly clipped at all but I decided to give it a try.  I used to blanket Nikki in the winter (mostly to keep her clean) and I think it helped her spooking a bit.

Friday night was the first night I rode her after adding her blanket, she was less of a steam engine and seemed slightly more willing to work, although she may have run herself tired in the field as a new horse was added to the herd that day as well.  I also felt like I felt a tad bit of offness in front, maybe due to her running around?  Or my imagination?  Cathy didn't see anything so I decided to look at her again on Monday.

I'd like to schedule a jumping lesson for next weekend, it's been AGES since I've visited LAZ between the weather, the holidays, and my ride being unavailable. However, it seems that the high next Friday is going to be 20 and the low is going to be 7.  Which should be illegal. 

So I'm going to wait until Monday or Tuesday at the latest, see if Annie's sound, if she's grumpy, and if I really feel that a lesson would be worth it/productive in low temps. 

Here's a pic of Annie wearing her new winter blanket.  It's not the Horze one I got her because that one was scheduled to be delivered Friday but is now scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday.  What the heck?  This one comes from  via Tack of The Day.  It's a 72 but it seems to fit her pretty good.  The belly straps run through the blanket in slots so it lets the bottom of the blanket hang down.  I'm not sure if that is better, or if wrapping her tummy up is better.  Either way it certainly covers enough of her!

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  1. She looks adorable! Bet Annie is appreciating the added warmth this morning...brrrr!


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