Monday, December 17, 2012

Rainy day ride

I tend to avoid riding Annie on rainy days when she's been indoors because she's extra spooky and hard to manage.  Not "I'm going to die" just "I don't want to deal with this."

Since we had officially entered bootcamp after last week's rodeo lesson I decided that I wad darn well going to ride!

First I put Annie in the arena alone while I hand watered it.  She snorted and snorted at the hose but eventually decided that she wasn't going to move out of the protective "safe bubble" of being near the gate and I ended up hosing off her blanket with her in it.

Next I tacked her up and took her down to the spooky end to lunge her.  Which was more of a Annie runs flat out while snorting, falling, then bucking session.  Eventually she wore herself out and trotted nicely on the lunge doing some licking and chewing. 

I went ahead and got on and firmly put my legs on, asking her to go into the bridle almost right away and using my whip if she balked.  She only tried a half hearted buck once, and really it was some of the best work she's given me in the last month.  YAYY!!!!!

I left her in her stall wearing a cooler because she got herself all steamy and sweaty. 

Hoping that she'll continue to improve and I'll get "Summer Annie" back soon.

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