Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tonight is an unriding night.  With the huge temperature drop, rain, thunder, snow, and wind advisory I decided that Annie can have a night off.  I left her with instructions to think about forward and contact.

I managed to get a dressage lesson with Nancy Saturday evening.  I'm kind of waffling on it though, it'll be my 6th day in a row at work and I'll have to drive from Fishers to Thorntown to meet Annie (My BO is loading and hauling her for me!). 

I want a dressage lesson, I NEED a dressage lesson,  but not if Annie is going to be bucky (who wants to pay that much money for a remedial lesson?) and not if I'm going to be pooped.

Friday I need to make her presentable, she's extra hairy and dirty right now.  I need to at least trim the hair up on her legs, cut a bridlepath, and I was considering clipping her more.  Knowing that my clipping requires a several day fixing process she might have to wait until next week!

I've been thinking about buying a pair of polos for our dressage lesson so we can look fancy.  These are combi wraps from Horze. 

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