Sunday, January 27, 2013


Annie has been on vacation for the last couple weeks.

The week after my lesson I spent on Penny teaching her to free lunge, stand at the mounting block, and make it past the scary horse eating door.  First day free lunging she took forever to "join up" and stop running around frantically.  I worked her for half the time she usually works in sidereins and she was steaming.  Second day she "joined up" much quicker and was willing to walk and stop to hang out, she made it further and further toward the scary end of the arena (who needs a roundpen when the scary end renders half the arena off limits).  There were a few OMG! moments when she slowed her roll, dropped her head and neck, and worked over her back.  Wowwza! Fancy mover!  I couldn't believe the quality of trot that I saw.  I think she made a fatal error there, never show me that you have potential for more because I'm going to expect it from then on!

Last week I declared it "too bloody cold to ride" as the high was about 15 for a couple days, then I barn sat the end of the weekend.  I can handle barn sitting and riding if I have a goal and the weather is nice, but by the time I get done bashing ice out of buckets and hand carrying water to stalls I have neither the time nor the desire!  I hope to get back to riding this week. 

I was able to ride a friend's horse last Sunday to school him a bit and it was a refreshing change of pace.  He's kind of like a 2 X 4 under saddle, perfectly straight with no bend in his jaw, neck, or body.  The unusual thing is it was almost a bonus.  Since he was so rigid, and since he was obedient to the leg I was able to do some wicked tail to the wall and head to the wall leg yields and really feel the sideways movement and crossover.  I also got to see how much the suppling exercises I learned from Jane Savoie would help a non bending horse and not just a bendy horse that was locked in the poll.   It gave me lots to think about for when I get back on Annie.  Annie's kind of like pushing a wet noodle up a hill.  You bend her and she squirts out in all sorts of other directions. 

We have another roller coaster of a weather pattern this coming week but there should be some good riding days wedged in there at least. 

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