Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A trio of Cute

Sunday I got a phone call from a friend asking for helping filming and making sales videos of some ponies she'd been working with.  All three were very green under saddle, having 6 rides or under but had the benefit of extensive ground work to prep them for work in harness (I think a couple had worn harnesses and drug tires).  Since they were at a driving barn this made sense.  I think that the three are well on their way to being well rounded ponies, suitable for children or even a small pony sized adult!

Here are the three I filmed, and my finished videos.  The cutting, pasting, trimming, and sticking together isn't that hard but I do need some work making the videos look "fancy."  Plus, the camera person really stinks.  Well, I stink.  I need a better video camera and a tripod to limit the amount of shaky hand cam. 

This is Melody.  She's my favorite.  Although she's only 13.3 hands she looks bigger on the ground because she has a well sprung barrel. I thought she was the most forward of the bunch but she had a smart brain and was willing and eager to please.  I think she'd make the idea pony dressage horse for a small adult or a junior rider who wanted something to polish their dressage on.  And of course she can jump!

This is Symphony, she's just turned three and is still in that awkward baby stage.  As the baby she's had the least ground work and under saddle work yet she performed just as well as her sisters.  She's going to make an adorable kids pony

Pony 3 is Rhapsody, she was very quiet and unfazed by everything and I thought her nice quiet nature means she'd be just as suitable for a pony hunter as a pony eventer.

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  1. They are all super cute! You did a great job on the videos - bet they all find homes quickly.


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