Saturday, February 2, 2013

Razz relocated

Well Razz's photos, the crappy video I made, and all the networking paid off!  Amy over at contacted me several times asking questions regarding his suitability for a young girl she was shopping for.  We even talked on the phone.

Razz's owner said that Razz had thrown her (which she failed to mention to us!) and she wanted to get a horse person's ideas of what happened.  We figured out that Razz probably spun in a circle trying to go back to his field and she fell off. 

Amy tried Razz out in conditions so miserable I stayed huddled at home in my apartment watching the wind blow snow horizontal.  She thought that Razz made a perfect match with the girl she was looking for, and I hear the girl even got to ride him.

So now Razz is snug in a barn with a brand new girl to teach to ride, and hopefully the horsey version of Jenny Craig.

What a small world we live in!  Nice to sort of "meet" a fellow blogger, and hopefully I get to see Razz again in the future kicking butt at some shows. 

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