Sunday, May 5, 2013

In the swing of things

I had a great day at Rolex but sadly I don't have a big list of things I bought.  I didn't really NEED much and the few things I needed I did not find.  I was looking for a girth in a 42 not sheepskin with elastic on both sides and a budget friendly show halter. 

I found a halter so nice I could have used it as a pillow at  but it was WAY out of my price range. had nice turnout halters but without a throat snap.  Every single halter in the barn has a throat snap, makes it so much easier to take halters on and off and I'll never buy one without it.  Just like I'll never buy a leadrope with a bullsnap. 

I tried on the new Tipperary vests which were comfortable (in a youth medium!) but I already have a vest so I put this as a future purchase when they've been out for awhile and I can find one used. 

My Pentosan finally arrived and Annie is on her third shot.  I hope it's not the sudden change to warm temps that is producing the attitidue shift but Annie is going FANTASTIC!  She's not grumpy, she's not bucking, and she has so much flex in her hocks that I find myself being pushed ahead of the motion when I post.  I have also been riding in my jumping saddle as part of me thinks that my dressage saddle doesn't fit and I feel more secure riding out the bucks in it.  I really hate changing several things at once as you can't really tell what is the thing that's working.  I'm going back to the dressage saddle next week so we'll see if she continues to improve.

My next show is next week at so I'm working hard on getting a better score in dressage, I'd like more consistent contact and better upward canter transitions.  I find that the first show of the season I'm in "as long as I stay on" mode but by the second show I'm in "I can do better!" mode.  I had hoped to get a lesson in with LAZ but with Rolex and then Penny Oaks Horse Trials she has been out of town. 

I've been focusing on dressage but I did plop over a few jumps on Friday, literally.  I'm going to suck it up and raise the fences at home a bit and see if I can get Annie more interested in putting some effort in.  Looking forward to a slightly warmer show! 

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  1. I agree. No throat strap is no bueno when it comes to turning horses out.


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