Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Horse Trial

A few weeks ago Annie and I competed in our last horse trial for the season at CAF

This was a two day show, with a derby (stadium, xc, and then finish up with more stadium) on Saturday over some of the same XC fences that we'd be jumping Sunday.  Fences I've jumped before but due to some scheduling conflicts and just being plain busy I had not been out in awhile.

Here's a picture of our derby course

Annie was fantastic.  We started out cantering and cantered most of the course, I did ask her to trot fence 7.  It was on top of a hill so it looked like you were jumping into nothing and she was a little looky, plus there were people out course walking near the fence.  I felt her neck and head going up and didn't want to take the chance of her not paying attention to the fence.  Everything else she cantered like a super star.  The derby was a payback timed course with the closest rider to optimum time winning the most money going down from there. 

Sunday I had difficulty wrestling my "I JUST WENT XC!!!!!" pony into a semi suitable dressage frame.  I kind of hoped that getting the run out of her the day before would help our dressage, not so much.  Eventually I got her head out of my face and we went into the ring.  She broke in the canter but we still managed a score of 39 which is one point lower than last time out so yayyy!!!!!

I walked Stadium before dressage but wasn't able to walk again after due to the timing, and then when I forgot to read the program where it clearly stated "order of go" I was ready way way too early.  I still managed to jump the smoothest, most in control, felt like I knew what I was doing course of my life.  However, neither one of us like to wait and I feel like I totally let nerves get the better of me and let both of us down by forgetting the rest of my course 2 fences from the end.  Argggghhhhhhh   I guess at least Annie doesn't know how to count.

For cross country I made sure we weren't too early.  I ended up jumping the two XC fences left out for us once each and called us ready to go.  Annie trotted out of the start box with her ears pricked, locked onto fence one, and cantered right to it.  I had a total blast!  I felt in control and confident.  Annie was bold and brave.  I let her pick her speed, there were a few places she downshifted to the trot because she was busy looking at a few things (going through gates, past big groups of people, or into a field with some rough footing.  The rest of the time she cantered.  We cantered all our fences, we cantered past the gravel, we cantered past the run in shed.  In the back 40 our canter got a wee bit out of control and I checked an angry red pony back but we cantered. 

It was a fantastic end to our season which now feels like it ended much too soon.

You can see photos from both days here, password is Equine and feel free to let me know which ones are your favorites.  I'm in Saturday Derby, Sunday SJ, and both XC folders

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moving On

It's been several weeks since I've made a post and something pretty cool happened with Annie but I have not felt like writing much. 

Who would think that a big beligerant horse that I hadn't ridden in 6 years would have such an effect?  I tried to turn him out in the arena just last week. 

I think, for me, I have an easy time being strong for other people because it's necessary and someone has to be the strong person.  Ask me to be strong for myself, especially after the death of my brother and I fall to pieces. 

I'm fine now now and I'm thinking about ordering one of these bracelets using some of Stanley's tail hair I removed.

My next post will be much more positive!


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