Friday, December 6, 2013

What's on your Christmas List

With Annie slowly turning feral as work, weather, and prior commitments take up my time and desire to ride I've decided to follow in Cob Jockey's footsteps and do a 5 gifts for Xmas list post.

First up is an eventing watch from here (cheaper than buying from the US and in colors!).  A friend bought me a watch last year but it stopped working on me and I'd like to replace it.  I did get to use it twice before it kicked the bucket and I'm obviously going to have to coordinate leaving the start box and pushing the start button at the same time!  Harder then it looks!   I'm also getting to the point in my riding that I might actually have use for one!

Optimum Time Watch

A bracelet from here


This one doesn't really count as I've already ordered it, but it'll be my gift to me and will contain some of Stanley's tail hairs for a personal memory.

A custom saddlepad in my colors from here

Barb's Custom Saddle Pads

I've seen several in person at local events and they are wonderful.

Although it's not horsey I'm going to include an archery quiver so I have something to carry my arrows around in and eventually practice horseback archery with, as soon as I can hit something from the ground that is!

Back Quiver

Back Quiver 2

This dressage coat, with purple highlights!!!

Dressage coat

I'm going to break the rules a little bit and include a wish 6.  I've wanted one of these semi shaped Euro saddle pads ever since I saw them galloping around at Rolex (on a horse of course).  I think they look cool and they'll work great with my pint sized steed.

Euro Pad

What's on your Christmas list?

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