Monday, January 27, 2014

Another arctic tundra update

This is a blog post about nothing.

I've not been doing any of this and it doesn't look like I'll be doing any of this for a long time.  This is the reason I don't make goals, because the thought of not reaching them sucks.  I had a major goal of coming out strong in the spring at BN but that is far and distant right now.  

I've been showing up at the barn in this

Not very attractive but it keeps me warm and surprisingly I work up a sweat when I'm bashing ice out of buckets.

Speaking of, I'm tired of bashing ice out of buckets so I'm getting creative.  I saw this great product online

From  I know several people that have them and they work exactly as advertised.  Super idea but a little expensive for 19 horses.  

I found a homemade option at and decided to experiment with my own version.

The buckets at the barn all sit inside bucket holders like this only permanent so you can't really wrap the buckets. 

So I decided to wrap the holder.   Project Keep Damn Ice out of Damn Buckets phase 1 is a failure.  Too much airspace between the insulated part and the buckets.

On to Phase Two - Cry to myself.


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