Sunday, January 12, 2014

Green plus Green equals Black and Blue

As a horse person you've probably heard the term.  You may have even been the term.  People overestimate their ability, their experience, and they have a dream in mind.

When they really need to spend a lot of time doing this

So they show up with this horse, the love of their life, the apple of their eye

That they want turned into this horse

In 30 days
If they're lucky they end up in a barn with an experienced trainer and they keep their ears open.

The trainer gently directs them to something more suitable for their experience and goals
Instead of what they initially arrived with

 With several months of professional training, weekly lessons, and patience they eventually go from this
To this with the understanding that it's a long road ahead

 After which they can look at other people, shake their heads, and hopefully prevent the same thing from happening to anyone else



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