Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Horse Auction Review

Today I made my annual trip to the Rushville New Year's sale.  Lots and lots and lots of western tack of varying quality for pretty good prices and quite a few horses as well.  Here are some of the horses that ran through the auction and the prices they brought.  Most of them went to the killers.

2002 QH mare.  Broke to ride, been a broodmare, caught in fence and hind legs a mess.  $100

Bay Mare, not registered, not broke $260

Black gelding, no papers, no age given, said to be crippled  $320

Chestnut mare no papers not broke to ride $225

Mule broke to drive $100

 TWH x saddlebred very gaited 15yo $135

A pick up horse was the highest selling horse of the day for $875.  Plain bay, big ugly head, but obviously a valuable horse.

Also at the sale were two minis who sold for $40 each and a Morgan/QH mare with foal at side who sold out back under the table to a young girl.

I did end up picking a horse up for free, I think he'll make an excellent eventing prospect although I hope he grows a little bit.  I like to get them young and unstarted and he even came with a blanket.


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