Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rope Halters

Rope halters can be great tools in the right hands for natural horsemanship, remedial horses, or pretty much anything.  They are unbreakable, washable, and provide the right amount of give plus bite just when you need it.  

I have a plain ol one at home, and there are a couple attached to Parelli style leadropes in the barn, but I wanted one that was a little bit special.  Some sort of extra detail that set it apart from other halters.  

I found this great Ebayer.  Her prices were very reasonable, she had lots of options, and she has this unique way of adding accent cord on the ends to make the halters special and pretty.

She's even willing to do some custom work in special colors for you, has great communication, and loves to make people what they want.  I was very pleased with how my halter turned out.  I ordered one with riding rings so I could attach reins to it and use it more as a sidepull instead of using the fiador knot on the bottom.  I also had a chin strap added as using it as a sidepull sometimes causes the halters to swing around on their heads.  The chin strap is removable and adjustable.  I also like the accent on the nose which takes away some of the bite since I don't have control problems with Annie.

Here's Annie modeling her new halter.  


  1. Anni looks very pretty. I wouldn't have thought purple on a chestnut but she pulls it off. :)

  2. Purple's my color so she's got to wear it well!


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