Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back at em!

Annie's back to work!  I was able to ride her several days last week after it was clear that her appetite was back and only a result of the icky antibiotics.  It's funny how much I missed riding her and how worried I was.  My second ride back (first ride was just a little putzzing around) she proved that her weekish off hadn't changed a thing.  Still willing to give her all in some parts and equally willing to flip me off in others.

I even took her for a short trail ride with her new Shire friend on Sunday.  While she wasn't exactly the brave leader I hoped she would be (her STATUE MODE when she sees something that might eat horses is a little annoying) it was nice to have a relaxing trail ride and the mountain bikers didn't bother her one bit.

This week the riding will be sporadic, we have inventory at work and the long/erratic schedule means I'm not going to have time or energy for much riding.  Fourth of July weekend we have Leg Up which I'm terribly glad we got to enter although I do wish we could find time to cram a lesson in.

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