Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HHP XC schooling day!

One of the huge bonuses of an instructor I love is that she is so skilled that while coaching me around an XC course on Sunday she was also able to snap pictures so I can capture all those great moments.  When a last minute clinician cancelled IEA opened up the park to schooling the weekend before Leg Up to recoup some of their lost funds.  It was an excellent and well attended day and after a very very nice friend took me I had a great time.

Annie cantering through the water.  She started out cantering through in the other direction because we had the momentum of a jump just before the water to encourage her, cantering into it cold took some encouraging (and actual use of my legs).

She also managed to capture a good "OMG I'm going to die!" moments.  I've never had a problem with down banks based on my few experiences with them but last year while schooling this very same down bank on this very same Annie I got yanked ahead when she launched then promptly bucked the hell off.

So this looked very large and very scary.  And produced this face, oh so nicely captured by my instructor.  Sigh.

Yes, you may laugh.

Finally it ended up being not so terrible, here she is not launching off of it, and here I am giving her plenty of rein to not restrict her head and not be yanked onto her neck.


  1. I love LAZ!! She is so awesome! And a couple of years ago I had that EXACT same experience on that EXACT same downbank! I landed on the cantle of my saddle and got the most impressive bruise ever on my arse.

  2. That picture is really capturing the moment :) But really, you two look great in the others!


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