Monday, July 21, 2014

Horse packed weekends

Saturday I did some of this.

Trail ride at Brown County with my friend Lynne.  Lynne's definition of a trail ride is better described as "endurance conditioning" so we did 5 miles at mostly a trot.  Phew..  The weather was perfect for it and the trails were great.  I'm riding my loaner horse Raimie who is a trail horse extraordinaire.  Lynne is in the lead with her trail bells.  She rides with bells because she solo rides often and the bells warn bicyclers, hunters, and bears of her approaching.  Smart idea.

Saturday evening I watched this guy here

Leslie Law, ride three separate horses at Come Again Farms event camp.  He rode two totally different OTTBs explaining how is training plan was both similar and different to suit the needs of each horses.  Then he rode an older finished horse and explained what he was looking for in an older horse, where they should be in their training, and where they needed to go.

Sunday I did more of this

Here are Annie and Max at Southwestway park.  Our idea to head out early to avoid most of the people failed in a miserable way when we pulled in to a softball tournament with HUNDREDS of people.  Luckily we were able to park at the trail head and avoided the crowds.  After Annie's usual bravery shot came into effect she bravely lead the trail.  That is after we convinced Max that the screaming at the softball game wasn't going to eat him alive.  Annie was an excellent trail horse and alerted us to dangerous squirrels on the trails and a suspicious looking dead tree.

Next weekend I'll be doing some of this

No, not a horse trial (don't tell Annie!), a straight dressage show!  I decided that what Annie needed was more miles in a dressage ring.  I'm hoping that after three tests she'll relax and give me what she gives me at home.  A relaxed and willing partner who isn't more interested in leaving the test as quickly as possible.  There is a small chance after the third time she's tacked up in a dressage saddle that I'll be launched directly from X into the judge's lap.  We will have to see.  

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