Monday, September 29, 2014

Annie progress

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm adding daily and sometimes twice daily photos of Annie's progress or lack of to the previous blog post.  That way I can clearly see if it gets worse or better and we have a log of sequential photos.  So if you want to monitor Annie keep checking back on the last post.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Annie the incredible swelling horse

On 9-12 Annie came in from the pasture with a strange swelling on the side of her right muzzle and a little swelling on the side of her right neck.  The swelling slowly started to get worse and spread downward over the next wee following the right side down into the right leg.  On Monday the vet visited.  By the following Saturday she was even more swollen and puffy.  She has been hit with dex, lasix, SMZ's, and bute.  The guess is it's either an allergy to something (we got new hay on 9-9) or a tumor on her lymph nodes.  Right now we are in a wait and see pattern.  She's currently confined to the arena and is on special hay from outside the barn.  Jingles for a good horse.

Wednesday 9 - 10 New hay arrives

Friday 9 - 12 swelling noticed on right side of muzzle and right side of neck/jaw

Monday 9 - 15 Swelling runs down into right leg vet visits, gives horse bute and SMZs runs bloodwork

Tuesday 9 - 16 bloodwork normal, vet gives horse dex and lasix

More dex and lasix in between here somewhere

Annie July 20 reference photo

Saturday 9 - 20 first PM feed of different Hay took horse off pasture


Tuesday vet gives Dex and Lasix, last day of SMZs

Wednesday 9-24 no dex or lasix




9-28 AM

9-28 PM

9-29 AM

9-29 PM

9-30 PM

10-2 PM

Friday 10 - 3

Sunday 10-5

Monday 10-7

Tuesday 10 - 8


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