Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EAH Blog Hop: Keeping it Clean

I'm taking place in my first Blog Hop, so I hope I do this right!  CobJockey had a post about tack cleaning and I thought I'd share my methods (or lack of).

I feel generally ashamed when I read online posts about people that clean their tack every day.  Like I should go hide in the tackroom.  I generally clean my tack "every so often" and I always clean it before a show or a lesson.  I do occasionally hose my entire leather bridle down in the washrack to get the dirt wet before I clean it off but don't tell anyone.

For most of my cleaning at the barn I use a solution of Murphy's Oil soap and water in a little spray bottle.  I have no idea about the concentration as I get it premixed from adorable local pony clubbers.  My current bottle is called "Stuffy's Secret" and comes from the kids at Dan Hobyn Stables located in Indiana.

I have a bar of glycerin soap at home that I use with water and a sponge for cleaning any tack that makes it home.  It's easy to use and has pretty much no smell.  

For conditioning I use good ol Passier Lederbalsam, I use it after I clean my saddles and I always use it before a show.  It smells great and it adds a little extra stick to my saddle.

What I'm looking for advice on is how to clean my field boots so they stay black and shiny, and if there's any way to keep the black from rubbing off my saddle.  It's a little embarrassing to get off my horse and clearly see which leg swings in the breeze.  


  1. My Ariat boots bleed like crazy, it drives me nuts! And now one of the toes has turned gray and I have no idea why. I know some people use boot polish, but I don't really want to turn my horse black as well as my saddle pads and breeches.

  2. I like using the spray soap- it works a treat. I too use the lederbalsam



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