Sunday, November 9, 2014

Interviewing horses

Horse shopping, does anyone really love it?

I've been doing what I call "interviewing" horses after the loss of Annie.  I hadn't planned on owning a horse for at least another year until I pay off some bills by being a responsible adult and my friends have been helping by chucking horses in my direction.

I've been riding this mare at my barn.  She's well "broke" and has a successful show life as a 6yo (nothing after and before is a mystery) but can she come out of semi retirement and be my partner?  Will she take to jumping?  What about cross country?  Will she like trail riding?  Herding Cattle?

What do you do when you interview a potential new partner?  What do you expect?  I'm finding it hard to not compare to Annie, who really was the perfect horse for me.  I want a no muss, no fuss horse.  I don't need a super star in a specific discipline, I want an all rounder in EVERY discipline.

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