Saturday, December 6, 2014


I've been working on Tiffany a lot on the ground.  Her ground manners are decent but her trust in people is not as strong.  I've started on some basic despooking which I believe makes you safer in the saddle when faced with scary things you meet while out and about.

Here's Tiffany's first reaction to the tarp

I'm standing in one spot shaking the tarp.  I noticed how, although she ran as far away as possible, she made several passes right by me.  She was scared of the tarp, but not scared enough to keep her distance.

Here's Tiffany after a couple sessions with the tarp.  She's more concerned with the cookies in my pocket instead of the tarp, big difference huh?

Picture your horse's reaction at a show if a canopy blows over in the dressage ring, or you are riding past the stabling and someone shakes a blanket out.  Or people are climbing up and down bleachers.  A less reactive horse might just keep you in the saddle!


  1. great post. I put an old blanket over the railing so that it flutters in the wind while we ride by.


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