Friday, December 12, 2014

Lame duck

Well, I had hoped that my next post would be about Tiffany's very first lesson.  Nope.  Tiffany heard about the reputation of my trainer, and the fact that she has an arena full of POLES, and brewed an abscess.

Now abscesses aren't usually a big deal, but I'm a bit abscess phobic ever since Nikki and this is Tiffany's second abscess since I started riding her.

Who probably had some sort of systemic issue in her feet that was worsened by riding.  Whenever the ground got soft she'd abscess, sometimes each foot in a row, and I'd lose every winter and spring until the ground either froze or thawed.  I think it was worsened by riding as I have not seen her put a foot wrong since I retired her due to bum hocks.  Stupid horses.  The only solution was front shoes and pads and rear shoes.  Which was expensive but kept her abscess free for two years solid.  However, I don't feel at this stage that Tiffany has justified shoes so I'm waiting to see how much of a continual problem this is going to be.

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