Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pony shopping trip

Today we went to Illinois to look at the pony I posted about.  It's a 7yo 7/8 arab 1/8 shetland mare, dapple bay.  She has not had much handling and has some previous baggage from being started by a bad trainer but a local teen was able to get her going under saddle.

I found her to be skittish and wary at first, took me 5 minutes to catch her, but surprisingly she was very good with her ground work and not spooky at all.  After she had warmed up to me she followed me all over the area I was able to work her in.  She ended up being easy to catch and seemed quite sensible.  I took a couple videos to watch over and over to ponder my choices.

A few things for me to keep in mind:

1.  Can I fix this pony?
I think so.  She's been started, and while nervous, warmed up and didn't do anything stupid.  I felt comfortable around her and liked the way she responded.  I feel she would join up with a person and form a fierce bond.  I felt if I brought her home and I didn't hit any major snags I could be on her in a couple weeks.

2.  Does this pony have the conformation to be a lower level eventing horse?

Maybe.  She has longer pasterns and is straighter behind, both negatives, but no horse is perfect.  Would this things affect her ability to do dressage or her ability to jump high?  Yes.  Would this matter at the level I'm eventing at.  Probably not, but better conformation is always better.

3.  Could I resell this pony if it didn't like to jump?

Maybe.  I could probably give her away, especially if she were suitable for kids.  She has no value as a 1/2 arab because she isn't very typy, and she is small, but stout enough to carry an adult.

4.  Is this pony squishable?  YES!

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