Thursday, January 29, 2015

She's a keeper!

I'm alive!!!  Had you a bit concerned huh?

The little black mare was fantastic in her first lesson.  She did great trailering, handled a new location  with a level head,  settled into a strange stall, took a tour of the facility.

I decided to hand walk her over all the poles first, I think I heard an audible sigh from my long suffering trainer as my brand new steed jumped the single pole on the ground like a gazelle then spun around me in a circle while snorting.

And thus I went for a riding lesson and got a lesson in leading.

Sadly I eventually had to get on and my trainer proceeded to kick my butt. It's been a while since I've ridden something green, and I've been taking it easy with her.  A big reason I wanted a lesson for deciding to purchase her was that I knew my trainer would push all of her and my buttons and if there was going to be a meltdown it was going to be here.

Despite being in a new environment, being asked to do new things, and being worked WAY past her (and my!) fitness level she did great!  She'd hesitate and see if I was really quite serious, and then trundle onward.

Here's a video!

So yesterday I made my purchase, money was exchanged for paperwork, and I am once again a horse owner.

Deeeeeeeep breath.

OH GOD what have I done.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stay tuned

For the sordid tale of my inevitable demise taking my first lesson aboard the little black mare.

This may be my last post.  Farewell all!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Here's a video of the mare lunging tonight.  She's pretty unfit so cantering on the small circle was hard, and she is weaker to the left as I saw the other night when I free jumped her.

What do you see?

I see a nice horse inside.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trial Run

On Friday a horse was delivered to my barn for my to try for a couple weeks.  It's a challenge to evaluate potential of a horse who has never done anything before.  This mare has only done trail riding, she's never been ridden on contact, in an english saddle, in an arena, or over ground poles.  I'm evaluating raw talent in an out of shape package.

Here's a video of her moving around the arena

As to the others, the buckskin sold before I could get out to see her. I'm disappointed but when I looked into it further it seems like the owner is a horse trader/swapper so I might have dodged a bullet.

The paint mare's owner never got back with me and I think she decided she just couldn't part with her horse.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A bouquet of horses

While I'm waiting for people to contact me for various reasons I decided to go ahead and post the horses I'm looking at.  I'd appreciate any advice regarding anything!

Horse A.  Registered 1/2 arab 1/2 APHA.  7 years old, shown here as a 2yo

 Bonus of being owned by breeder for the horse's entire life so I know the entire history of the horse.  Under saddle and has some show experience (in hand). Waiting on a conformation picture and video as horse is 4 hours away.

Horse B.  5yo 1/2 arabian 1/2 QH mare.  Not registered and current owner has only had horse for 2 months so I do not know horse's complete history.  Came from a riding school in Illinois and was picked up at Shipshewana auction.  Currently being trail ridden.  Asked for video, not sure I can get it.  Horse is 1 1/2 hours away.

Horse C.  Registered 7yo 1/2 arabian 1/2 paint mare.  Owner has not filled for transfer of ownership but has paperwork to do so and breeder is willing to accommodate me.  Owned by the person who purchased her from the breeder, breeder is responsible and easy to reach so I know the horse's entire history.  Trail rides.  No conformation pictures of video but horse is 45 minutes away.  

Horse D.  %100 4yo arabian mare, not registered but I have the ability to do so.  Owned by breeder her entire life so I have her entire history.  Not started under saddle but has been handled daily.   No conformation pictures or video but only 45 minutes away.

Well, tell me what you think!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

No horses here

Well, I feel like such a terrible blogger.  I keep meaning to keep everyone updated on my horse search but it's been a bit of a bust recently.

I put out specific want ads in about a dozen different Facebook groups and range of undesirable or too far away horses has been incredible.  While I'm slightly flexible on breed/gender I can't afford to be flexible on distance.  I'm also unwilling to take in an older horse, especially since none of the horses I've seen have been started over fences.

I'm interested in three right now but now it's a waiting game until I hear back from the owners regarding pictures, if the horse is still available, or scheduling a meeting.  I know it's January and it's bloody cold out but I'm surprised people aren't jumping at unloading horses!  I'm dealing with a few owners who are being very cautious about where their children end up, which I don't mind at all.  I'm interested in finding a good match for me, and not just a horse to move on and I think I can get a more quality horse from a concerned breeder looking for an ideal situation.

I did go to see the black horse, lovely conformation and a real sporty build, but with the current training state I fear my barn would be a poor match.  I'm hoping to keep updated on that horse and perhaps in the future they will be a better match for what I need.

Moving forward.

Hello faithful listeners, it's been a year since I've blogged so anyone reading now must actually be faithful, or have nothing bet...