Saturday, January 10, 2015

No horses here

Well, I feel like such a terrible blogger.  I keep meaning to keep everyone updated on my horse search but it's been a bit of a bust recently.

I put out specific want ads in about a dozen different Facebook groups and range of undesirable or too far away horses has been incredible.  While I'm slightly flexible on breed/gender I can't afford to be flexible on distance.  I'm also unwilling to take in an older horse, especially since none of the horses I've seen have been started over fences.

I'm interested in three right now but now it's a waiting game until I hear back from the owners regarding pictures, if the horse is still available, or scheduling a meeting.  I know it's January and it's bloody cold out but I'm surprised people aren't jumping at unloading horses!  I'm dealing with a few owners who are being very cautious about where their children end up, which I don't mind at all.  I'm interested in finding a good match for me, and not just a horse to move on and I think I can get a more quality horse from a concerned breeder looking for an ideal situation.

I did go to see the black horse, lovely conformation and a real sporty build, but with the current training state I fear my barn would be a poor match.  I'm hoping to keep updated on that horse and perhaps in the future they will be a better match for what I need.

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  1. IMO, the only thing more frustrating than horse shopping is saddle shopping. It's good to be clear on what you want. Now that Christmas is over you should start hearing back from people.



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