Friday, February 6, 2015

Crimes Against Equines

I wanted to clip Stella, she's so very hairy and out of shape and she gets soaking wet after 10 minutes on the lunge line.  I decided to do an Irish clip to target the affected areas without taking too much hair off.

Stella wasn't terribly cooperative.  She hasn't been getting turned out for several reasons, and I very highly doubt she has ever been body clipped before.  So, I have an excuse.  

Here are a couple examples of nice Irish clips.  I like to leave the head unclipped because I'm not concerned about having a neat head in the winter.

Sadly, Stella now looks like this

Sigh.  She hates me.


  1. lol. it's not too bad. I'm sure that a carrot will make it all better.

  2. She'll thank you later when she's not as sweaty as she was before!

  3. She's probably not thanking me since it's like -45 right now and I have not actually peeled her blanket off in over a week.


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