Friday, February 27, 2015

Snug pony Grumpy pony

Stella's neck cover came!

It seems to be good quality.  I am a little bit confused by the fasteners though, if anyone can help me out.  When I spoke with Schneiders, they said this one would work on my Schneiders blanket.  It came with 4 D rings but only 3 carabiner clips.  I thought one was missing so I slapped on one of my own.

However, when I got to the barn I found out that Stella's blanket only had 3 places to attach the neck cover.  So I ended up clipping both middle Ds on the neck cover to the D ring over her withers on her blanket.

Is that how it's supposed to work?

It seems to fit well, although Stella is busy trying to remove it.  I also tried attaching the little velcro flap at the top of the cover to her halter, but it tugged on the halter pretty good when she put her head down so I left it off.

Now for the weather to turn 50 so I don't have to use the thing I just bought.  Please?

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