Saturday, February 7, 2015


Friday night I was looking forward to riding my freshly clipped horse.  Since Stella isn't getting turned out I have been turning her out in the indoor while I do stalls, then lunging her before I get on.

The above picture accurately documents how Stella felt about being partially naked, the weather, and her confinement.  It was impressive.  After 20 minutes of bucking, running, and snorting on the lunge line I got on her and rode at the walk to cool her steaming self down.

Then I cancelled my planned trail ride for Today.  Bummed but I'd rather not see if she bucks on the trail.

I don't think I'll see that kind of behavior next week, especially if she gets a chance to get turned out.  She is girthy and I've heard of horses reacting violently to the cold air on their naked belly the first time they get clipped.

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