Sunday, May 3, 2015

Drowned rats

Last weekend I attended Rolex, I don't have a ton of things to say that you can't already read out there because pretty much everyone was there as well.  Like a bunch of drowned rats.  

The weather Friday was fantastic, great for shopping.  I had a very limited budget since I was saving for some upcoming horse shows but I still managed to buy two things that were on my bucket list.  This halter is one of them.  I've always wanted a really nice leather halter with all the bells and whistles and a nice shiny name plate for my horse.    I was really looking forward to Albrights being there as I saw their halters a few years ago and really liked the quality for the price.  They didn't come so I chose a small private vendor called Peacock Custom Leather which is a small, old fashioned shop.  As in, they just have a placeholder page on Facebook and no website.  Despite being utterly overwhelmed the shop owner was happy to answer my questions, and even called me on his personal cell phone (with no voicemail!) when he double made my halter and thought I'd forgotten it.   

Of course 10 seconds after this picture something slid off the wall and Stella ejected herself from the crossties.  I made sure the halter was safe first, and took it off her head to store in a safe place!  Horses.

Another thing on my bucket list was a shaped XC pad.  The scrooge inside of me cringed visibly at the thought of a $40 saddle pad but I talked myself into it, can't wait for Stella to figure out how to jump, how to jump cross country, and to show so she can wear it.  Closest thing I can find online of a picture is this, but it's listed as an Endurance Pad.  This one has a fleece lining, which was an option but I went with the plain bottom.  Easier to clean and I don't need the extra padding. It is a PRI pad who are well known for their quality pads.  I have also seen them available from this Facebook vendor.  

Saturday was Cross Country day

As the water poured into the laces in my paddock boots (the most waterproof thing I owned) I couldn't help but admire the grit of all the riders.  Kicking on over the biggest course many of them had ever ridden in a steady downpour.   Attendance was still high, and the level of dryness among the viewers seemed to vary.

I've never been a huge fan of going with trendy clothing, and the seeming requirment of wearing Dubarry boots or their knockoffs to Rolex in perfectly good weather just to show I'm both up on equestrian fashion trends and have deep pockets makes me a little queasy.  But Saturday I was feeling some serious boot envy.  Their feet were so dry.  So very very dry.  

I did spent the next several days googling Rain Pants and Waterproof Boots.  

I bet that some of the dogs out there also went home and googled "PETA"  If your dog is so wet he's shivering, maybe you could buy him a raincoat or at the very least freaking leave him home?

Overall I had a great time, and of course I'll go back next year!!!


  1. That's so cool you got to go, rain n all. Ive been watching youtube videos the last 3 days lol. Very nice new gear! :)

  2. It's always fun, but I have to admit I was done with being wet.



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