Friday, June 26, 2015

Fly sheet review

Today I'm going to review the Eous Fly Guard Sheet.  This sheet was on closeout and came with a free neck cover.  I paid $45.00 for the sheet plus neck cover.

I was looking for a sheet to help keep Stella from fading in the sun, I've since then learned that black horses fade more from sweat than from the sun so oh well to that idea.   Sure enough, you can see a reddish brownish imprint of where her saddle gives her sweat marks.  Grumble black horses grumble.   However, Stella as it turns out is a total PANSY when it comes to flies and has a snit fit every time I take it off her in the crossties so I literally have to strip the sheet off then fly spray her all over to avoid a drama meltdown.  I have no idea how she went through life without a flysheet.

So, bonus points because I know the sheet is working.  She's also been out in it in our hot and humid Indiana weather and never comes in sweaty or warm under it.

It also works well to keep the mud off her, all the mud seems to stay on the outside of the sheet which cuts my grooming down drastically even in this spring of isitevergoingtostoprainingandletthemuddryout.

The neck cover?  Lasted 8 hours.  Literally.  I put the brand new sheet and neck cover on her, put her in her stall, and when I showed up the next morning, there was Stella standing in her stall looking for breakfast with what was left of the neck cover hanging around her neck.  I'm not sure if maybe she caught a foot in it overnight or caught it on her bucket but I was not very happy.  Since it isn't stiff it did tend to wrinkle up on her neck when it was up in the air, and gap a bit around the withers, but I didn't think that would be an issue.  HA!

THIS is why I don't buy you nice things!!!!!!

I filled out the survey the company sent me asking my opinion on the transaction, waited a week, then sent them an email to their website with an attached photo of the neck cover.  Never got an answer.    Guess I found out why it was free.

Here's the sheet on Stella, as you can tell it already has a hole in it.  With the soft mesh material I think that any bite from a pasture mate or scraping it on a tree branch will tear it easily so I would not suggest it for a horse that gets beat up a lot, or is around a lot of brambles or thorny things.

Would I buy it again?  Nope.  Although it was a good price it isn't going to last more than one season, and I'm unhappy with the customer service.  I would have at least liked a "it was free because it sucked" response about the neck cover.  I guess I'll get my money's worth out of this sheet, but had I spend a little bit more I think I could've gotten something worth several seasons.


  1. finding a good fly sheet is hard. I had to cut the neck guard off of Carmen's because it wouldn't fit around her baroque neck!

  2. Oh no! I thought that the soft mesh ones would be lighter weight than the more plasticy ones but I didn't consider how much less durable they are.

  3. bummer it didn't work out!


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