Thursday, July 30, 2015

IEA Benefit Derby

Last weekend I took Stella to a benefit for the new water jump at the Hoosier Horse Park with all proceeds going toward funding the new obstacle.

The new jump will be in addition to the current water jump and will provide many exciting options for schooling and showing, containing two peninsulas as well as simple trot ins. Due to the location of the new jump construction has been difficult and the cost has been higher than anticipated.  After completion spectators will be able to see the water jump, the Pan Am Banks, as well as both the start and finish line, a feat not achieved elsewhere on course due to the thick woods and winding cross country paths.

You can see a picture of the jump in progress at the Indiana Eventing Association webpage.

The current water jump looks like this (this picture is several years old), some of my blood and sweat is involved there as I volunteered a few times and personally dug one of the holes for the drop in!

This event drew quite the crowd with divisions from step over poles to Training.  Photo courtesy Dorie Leigh Mayfield via the  Indiana Eventing Association Facebook page.

And consisted of both XC and showjumping fences in and around the current water jump, here's a great round at BN taken from the vantage point of the Spirit's Descent.

Unfortunately Stella was a little overwhelmed with the business of the course and had a mare sized meltdown at one particularly offensive fence, I got her over it (and this fence seemed to cause problems for several people, I'm not sure if it was the color of the fence, the fact that it was going away from the crowd, or it being near the water jump) but was eliminated when we had to jump it for a second time.  On the upside she jumped most of the other fences, roamed around the dressage arenas with no problems, and hacked to and from the XC course like a pro so there's hope for her yet.  Just a few million more miles under saddle, developing a work ethic, and learning to go forward.  As well as a rider that rides more aggressively BEFORE there is a problem.

Here's a picture of Stella jumping one of the fences on course, photo taken by Lee Ann Zobbe who also organized the entire event!  Please feel free to ignore my "Urrrgghhhhhh" face.

If you are feeling generous, please feel free to journey to the IEA website and make a donation to help complete the water jump and you'll be cantering through it sometime next year!

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  1. Sorry about the elimination :( sounds like an awesome event tho and Stella looks quite majestic in that photo! She'll figure out soon that it's supposed to be fun!


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