Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Patent perfection

I've been window shopping patent leather dressage bridles.  Aren't they pretty?  I thought something a little shiny might look really nice against Stella's solid black head.  Thoughts?  Is patent easy to take care of?  Does it last?  

Toulouse platinum performance dressage bridle, a padded patent leather crank style caveson and brow band, padded crown, and removable flash attachment with rolled leather cheeks and rolled leather fronts on the included rubber lined reins with hand stops.

I really like the removable flash, I don't tend to use flashes and I like the option of not having that little tabby thing leftover.  I also like the rolled cheeks, a little something different.

The Premier Athena Dressage Bridle

The Premiera Athena is a luxurious, handcrafted snaffle bridle. Stunning leather, a wide soft patent leather noseband, a dazzling curved bling browband, and near invisible closures make this your perfect competition bridle.

I like the innovative design of this bridle, notice how the cheek pieces all buckle behind the ears leaving a clean line along the horse's face?  I also like the droopy browband.

What do you think?

Any other options out there for the rider on a budget who really has enough bridles already?


  1. I'm not a fan of the patent leather (just a personal thing) but Iike both bridles. I have a bridle with a removable flash, like the first one, and I love that there's no tab thing. But I love the clean look of the second. Stella would look good in either one.

  2. ooh i think the patent would look great on her!

  3. I have not been a fan of patent because I picture in my mind the saddleseat ring but these have kind of grown on me.


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