Friday, August 7, 2015


Stella has had this raised scabby thing on her pastern for awhile now.  I noticed it, then figured I was just not very observant (bad owner) and that it was scar tissue from a long ago injury.  Then it looked like it grew.

Yep, definitely grew and was all scabby.

Oh no!!!  Scratches!!!!

Off to google Scratches remedies I went

Scratches is a skin problem caused by a fungus.  The affected area becomes crusty, scabby, bumpy, and causes open sores.   It usually affects white legs and is often caused by exposure to damp conditions that already contain the scratches fungus Sporotrichum schenki.

Treatments usually contain some sort of astringent, fungicide, an antibiotic, and some sort of water barrier.

Astringents are usually something like Listerine, Selsun blue hair shampoo, Microtech, or barbicide (the blue stuff hair dressers dip combs in)

Fungicides are usually athlete's foot powder, a fenbendazole horse wormer such as Safe Guard, or a feminine yeast control cream such as Monistat.

Antibiotics are most often simple triple antibiotic cream, or nitrofurazone (other sources suggest tea trea oil as Furazone states that it can cause cancer).

The water barrier is often Zinc Oxide (Desitin for you baby folks).

DMSO is sometimes combined to help reduce swelling and inflammation and help the fungicide penetrate deeply.

Some of these things are used in combination, others are used separately.
Some people bandage, others do not.  Some people clip, others do not.

Now, off to see which of these works the best!!!


  1. Good luck! I had a mare that had this condition every summer, but it was a flag she had other issues with her immune system.
    If you use DMSO wear gloves, or you'll taste garlic if it gets on your hands ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping that it is simple and easy to treat. Fingers crossed!

  3. Ugh scratches are such a huge PITA. Our lesson horses get them every year and we end up smearing them with this desitin-based cream day in and day out. My mare had a nasty case when I met her and now I'm super religious about using mtg at the slightest hint of funk back there. The mtg is good enough for prevention but probably not strong enough to treat a full blown case.... Good luck!!!



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