Sunday, August 16, 2015

Super Scientific feeding method

Bam right there.  Stella gets that much Strategy twice a day.  No idea how much it weighs, but my barn considers it quite a bit of grain for a horse her size and breed.

Does your barn have a more scientific method?

She also gets two scoops of

Dumor Hoof` which is the same thing as Farrier's Formula Double Strength

and the TSC version of Omega Horse Shine


  1. we measure all our feed by weight. and my mare gets fat off air so she just gets a single pound of ration balancer once daily.

  2. It was originally weighed, I've just never bothered to ask. Stella is an awful hard keeper for an arab, the rest of the arabs I've ridden all got fat looking at grain.

  3. Wow, for an Arab that's crazy! If you could bottle up and sell her metabolism to humans you would have your show fees and board paid for life!


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