Thursday, September 17, 2015


One of my favorite TV shows is Good Eats Staring Alton Brown as a cook/historian/scientist.  I love the history behind the food, the science behind the food, the yeast puppets, and of course the food!

One of Alton's biggest pet peeves are unitaskers in the kitchen.  Those gadgets that clog up your gadget drawer because you only use them once every 4 years for that very specific task they are made for.  I tend to agree, I hate buying things for one purpose only.

However, I think I am willing to change my mind for this really nifty unitasker.  This Fly Spray Holder
is a smart idea for hanging on your stall door or near your wash stall or cross ties.  I found it available at Equus Now but if you really hate unitaskers you can purchase it from the manufacturer without the fly spray label and use it to hold any number of bottles on the front of your stall.


  1. Ooh! I usually hang mine off the blanket bar where it inevitably falls or accidentally gets knocked off and breaks the sprayer.

  2. yea i always hang mine off a bar too, tho haven't had too many break that way

  3. Smart! I keep my bottles in my trunk, but that's a great idea.


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