Friday, January 22, 2016

Awesome find or Why God Why?

I attend a local low end auction frequently. Do a little bit of horse rescue and a little bit of shopping. It's a western kind of town so most of the used merchandise people bring in is western, and you can sit through two hours of rusty old halters but occasionally someone brings in english merchandise.

I either get a really good deal because nobody wants it, or into a bidding war because the one other english person in the place wants it more. I either keep or resell what I buy.

I picked up these bad boys last week. Was bidding on them and some random shipping wraps and was outbid but for some reason the other bidder didn't want these puppies so I snapped them up. They are exactly like my Wilkers Combo Quilt wraps.

What say you?


  1. Those are so tacky I love them!

  2. what's not to love? Rainbows and butterflies. :)

  3. Ah the blessings of living in cowboy country! I agree with Teresa -Whats not to love about rainbows and butterflies :D Now to find unicorns...


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