Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blanket Rubs

I've been having an issue with Stella's turnout sheet rubbing her.  I didn't notice the issue last winter, but she wasn't as muscled and was clipped.  

This winter she has developed rubs right at the little square where the gusset point ends so I have been looking at another blanket for her.

Here's a semi recent picture of her conformation

Here is the sheet she wears now.  Quality is pretty good, denier is quite high.

I have been looking at this sheet from Schneiders as an option,  I really love the quality of Schneider's blankets.  They are affordable, last for years, and remain waterproof.  I already have this in a midweight (Although I have the lower denier version and would be buying the higher denier version).  However, the shoulder seam appears to be in the same spot.  Would it also rub?  She wore her sheet for a month or two before it was cold enough for the midweight so I have no idea if the midweight would also rub.

This is another option, notice no shoulder gusset.  Same price but lower denier.


I had also considered a shoulder guard but I always thought they were a pain to have an extra layer to take off and they never seemed to fit right.


  1. Maybe try a shoulder guard/slinky too? Apollo gets shoulder rubs from some higher neck styles in the same spot, his slippery shoulder guard thingy helps him a lot.

  2. The shoulder guards definitely help with the rubs, but the elastic over the back in the one I had twisted and rubbed its own spot on Bobby's spine. I've heard show sheen can help some.

    1. That lycra shoulder guard caused the same thing to happen to my he has a big white spot behind his withers that wasn't from a poorly-fitting saddle. I curse myself for causing it everytime I groom him. In my case, the solution to the shoulder rubs has been the Rambo Optimo blanket. Much larger shoulder gussets, no more problem.


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