Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Having the ability to take your horse places is an important thing, if you want to show, take lessons, trail ride, or pretty much do anything except stay at home you need access to an appropriate vehicle and horse trailer.
I've relied on the kindness of strangers (and really good friends!) to get me and my horse to all sorts of places.  Horse people are in general quite kind and willing to help a poor trailerless person such as myself out.  It's something I have an endless amount of appreciation for otherwise I'd be stuck at home and would have missed out on so many wonderful opportunities.  However, it has been a big life goal of mine to purchase my own truck and trailer.  Thus, I started the long and bumpy road to self sufficiency.

It's quite an expensive endeavour.   New or used there are so many choices in all sorts of price ranges with all sorts of options.

From Big

To Small

From "Needs Work"

To "Fully Loaded"

How do you go about deciding between all the options in your budget?  Matching the set so they are a capable pair?  Meeting your needs?

I plan on making a series of blog posts highlighting my eventual decision (and total panic that I had made the wrong decision).

You are welcome along for the journey!


  1. The timing of this page s perfect. I just sold my trailer and am looking for a new one.

  2. I knew exactly what I wanted in my trailer, and while I found lots of prettier options, I held out until I found one that checked off every single want. Don't settle, and don't get distracted by fancy if it's not the fancy you're looking for!


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