Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mobility V

Welcome back!  I've been super busy and got behind on my blogging.  Again...

I have been meaning to share with you the truck I purchased.  I knew when I was shopping I was looking for a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton Chevy or GMC.  Those brands because I have access to a great mechanic and he's not a very big fan of Fords and a happy mechanic is a well running truck!  In my price range those brands are actually not that easy to find, you can find tons of the other ones which my mechanic says means that nobody keeps those trucks for life.  Anything in that price range also sold VERY fast, as in you'd better be gassed up and ready to go.

Here's my truck!  It's a 2002 silverado with a regular cab and 4 wheel drive.  I responded to a craigslist ad that said the owner was selling the truck she used to pull her horse trailer with, asked about the trailer to get an idea of towing capacity, and the rest was history!

I did have to make some compromises in my budget.

First, I ended up with a small half ton.  It's a well maintained strong running torquey motor that pulls its matched trailer fine but if I want a bigger trailer I will need to upgrade the truck.

Second, it's a regular cab long bed.  I was really set on a crewcab, and there were plenty out there as it's by far the more popular option.  However, if I wanted a crew cab I'd need to make compromises in other areas such as rust and 4 wheel drive.  This truck has some rust but is in nonessential areas that can be managed and hasn't eaten through the rocker panels to the door panels.   I've also had to use the 4 wheel drive three times now getting it park in the grass and mud at my barn and any regret over not having cab storage space fades away instantly when I shift to neutral, pop it into 4 high, and haul out of the muddy mess I've backed my trailer into.

Overall I'm pleased with my purchases.  I made some hard choices about what I needed NOW versus what I WANTED in the future and got something that is perfect for me.  Now to get comfortable enough to put my horse in it!


  1. nice! i think we have pretty much the same truck lol

  2. Congrats! I also got a new(er) tow vehicle this spring AND (bonus) sold my old truck in under two weeks. It must be truck-shopping season...



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