Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Buckwild Breeches

I really love breeches that are unique, tan gets so boring!  I also like nice breeches that I can show up for lessons or clinics in, or hack around the night before a show.

For Christmas my wonderful boyfriend did some sleuthing and purchased me a pair of breeches from Buckwild Breeches  who carries breeches in a wide array of obnoxiously loud but fun breeches.  I just got a chance to wear them last week so I thought I'd give my review.

I got the Buckwild Breeches in the argyle, they are a high waist breech (stops about two inches below my belly button) with a faux suede in an argyle print and are machine washable.

Here are the breeches with my butt inside.  One of the things I didn't like was that, although they are stretchy, they are a bit loose in the bit and the leg area.  The waist area fits me perfectly so I'm not sure if going down a size would be too small, or if they are simply meant to fit loose.  I purchased a different brand around the same time and they fit both me and my larger friend the same relaxed fit so it might be a trend.  I am also used to wearing lots of riding tights so that could be another factor coloring my review.

My only other complaint is that I wish they had a sock bottom or something slimmer, my tall boots are quite fitting and I had difficulty zipping them up over the cuffed bottom.  Someone with paddock boots and half chaps or looser boots would not have an issue.

Besides that I really like their fun colors as well as the easy clean factor.  I'm SOOOOOO not dry cleaning anything.

Price?  I can't really comment here, I thought they were expensive which is why I got them as a gift.  However, I'm super super super cheap and I don't think I've ever paid over $60 for a pair of breeches.

They do run sales quite often so be sure to like their FB page and keep an eye on things!


  1. I was hoping a review for these would pop up somewhere eventually! I love the patterns they have.

  2. I like those! I'm off to check them out.

  3. Hi,
    This is Robyn and I am the Owner of Buckwild Breeches. First, thank you so much for being a Buckwild Customer, even if it was via Gifting!! : ) And for the blog review! The Blue Argyle are from my original product run, and the whole production ran a bit bigger than the stated size. In most cases, it was not an issue. It does look like these are too big on you, and I would recommend one size smaller. I am happy to either exchange them for Free or offer you a discount on your next pair! I'm not sure if you saw us in the "UNTACKED" Magazine by"Chronicle of the Horse", but we are in the current Spring Edition with my new Spring Line-up that is expected to arrive later this month / beginning of May. We addressed all of the same concerns you have mentioned in your blog, and also revised our Size Chart to be much truer. We lowered the waist by about 2", and removed the cuffs and made them sock bottoms, so that they fit comfortably into your boots. We also changed the Full Seat Material to a stretchier fabric similar to the body, and added grip technology to all of the new products to help you stay in the saddle. I have been wearing my Final Samples from the new Spring Line-up and they are absolutely amazing. Plus they go through the wash and look like new!! I am confident that you will love these!! Feel free to reach out to me via email at robyn@buckwildbreeches.com . I want to make sure all my customers are completely satisfied with my product.

    Thanks, Robyn


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