Sunday, April 10, 2016

Half Chaps and size charts

My half chaps bit the dust a few weeks ago so I started shopping for a new pair.  Something nice enough to show in because I'm lazy about boots and schooling shows, and something cheap because I'm cheap.

Horseloverz was having a sale on several of the Ovation half chaps so I decided to order the Ovation Turin

I tend to be an adult size "medium" in half chaps but one can never be too sure so I started looking for a size chart.  First, why don't tack stores have the size charts listed??????  Especially on things like half chaps.  So aggravating.

I finally found a size chart attached to the Turin half chaps at Victory Canter, measured my calves, and saw that I once again fit into adult size medium.

The chaps arrived a few days later and I couldn't even get them zipped up!!!!  The size chart on the package was totally different from the one listed at Victory Canter.

So now I'm faced with paying Horseloverz restocking fee of $8.95 to return my useless half chaps and find a pair actually connected to the actual correct size chart.  Typically when I order sized items I try to order from a website such as Smartpak or riding warehouse due to their excellent free returns and exchanges program, I took the chance since I'm a pretty standard size and there was a size chart but now I'm out of luck.

Upon further research I see that these half chaps are on sale in several different places, perhaps because of the sizing?

So fellow readers, know of any sales on half chaps?  Smooth leather, zipper on the back, suitable enough for schooling shows but under $60 shipped would be perfect!!!  Start shopping!


  1. I got my last pair from the clearance section on Victory Canter--really nice leather Ariat ones. They were pretty much a miracle find though. It's tough to order online sometimes!

    1. Victory Canter were the folks with the wrong size chart listed so I'm a little hesitant to order from them.

  2. I've always been a fan of the Ariat chaps personally. They stretch quite a bit as well.

    1. I'll be sure to take a look at them. Generally I get whatever is on sale.


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