Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What's in YOUR trailer?

I've been moving things into my trailer that I want to live in it so I don't always have to load every single thing every time I want to go somewhere.  I've got brushes, an extra lead rope, extra halter, stud chain, lunge line, plus some whips that are living in the trailer.  Most of my "show" supplies such as my showsheen, detangler, quik braid, are all in my 

Stanley travelling tack box.

Which is also where my Finish Line Fura Free Salve was living when Stella turned herself around in the trailer and scraped herself up.  

Luckily, eventers are awesome people and I was able to borrow some Corona Ointment from a friend.

It did get me thinking about what other things of things need to live in my trailer.  For sure some sort of first aid things, but what?  What kind of basic supplies do I need for minor horse injuries while at a show/lesson/trail ride?

How about tools?

What's in your trailer?

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