Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Menacing blades of grass

Stella and I went out for another solo ride Saturday after our plans to camp fell through when one person had truck trouble and the other was out of town.  I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me close to home so I decided to take Stella out for a longer ride by herself.

Once again we were the only horse at the park, it was very busy Saturday with lots of people at the baseball fields, and a big tent set up at the trailhead for a mountain bike work day with lots and lots of bikers around.

This was the first time in quite awhile that I've ridden Stella up from the trailer, since she was so balky last summer I dealt with it by leading her up to the trailhead and about 50 feet down the trails, then getting on. Today I figured what the heck and to my pleasure she didn't have a problem besides some snorting.

The first trail we hit is along the ridgeline, is very twisty turny, and has a steep drop off.  Nothing to worry about as Stella was great!!

After that we headed to a nice doubletrack trail so we could do some trotting.  First we came across a deer which didn't go as horrible as I thought!  I caught this on my helmet cam for your enjoyment.

A few minutes later we came to screeching halt.  Stella was intently staring at something and would not budge.  I looked and looked as she has gotten pretty good with all the suspicious rocks and logs.  Finally I saw what had my horse shaking in her socks.....

A blade of grass with a fluffy top.


Some whacking and clucking and I got her moving again, she wasn't quite as dramatic at the second blade of grass and after that she was good.  I did quite a bit of trotting, tested the brakes a few times, and even trotted right past the short cut she usually has a fit at.

After we came out into the parking area I decided to ride her back up to the trailhead to reinforce the I'm In Charge.  She was reluctant but didn't put up too big of a fight.

Then I rode  her down toward the baseball diamonds but didn't get too close.

Overall I was quite pleased with her, she's so much more confident on the trails than last year and she is getting stuck less and less.

I hope you enjoy the video and let me know how scary that blade of grass was on camera!!!


  1. That looks like such a lovely place to ride! Shame about the evil fluffy top grass D:

  2. It's a great place to ride smack in the middle of the city!


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